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The results of the annual AFD cost and recovery analysis show that with Cal Poly’s escalating maintenance and support cost it is now cheaper to duplicate CDs/DVDs at commercial vendors in San Luis Obispo. In an effort to save the colleges and departments money, ITS Operations has discontinued duplication of CDs/DVDs. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Below is a list of know vendors in San Luis Obispo that provide duplication services. These are not the only vendors, nor a recommendation of these vendors, but a representation of vendors available.

Thank you.

Businesses offering Duplication Cost for Duplication labeling & Details

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center/Kinkos

 1127 Chorro St.


CD: $9.95 for first copy; $4.95 for every copy after that.


DVD: $14.95 for every copy.
No labeling service. However, they do provide sleeves for the CDs/DVDs so a label could be placed on that.

The UPS Store

 3940 Broad St.


CD: $5.00 per copy.

DVD: $5.00 per copy.

No labeling service.

If you have a large quantity, the store will provide you a deal.

The UPS Store

 793 E. Foothill Blvd.


CD/DVD: $3.00 per copy.

No labeling service.

The UPS Store

1241 Johnson Ave.


CD: $5.00 per copy if UPS supplies the CD; $2.00 per copy if you supply your own

DVD: no service.

No labeling service.


323 Madonna Rd.

CD/DVD: $10.00 per copy and Staples provides the CD/DVD. No labeling service.  However, they do provide sleeves for the CDs/DVDs so a label could be placed on that.

San Luis Print and Copy

 265 South St. Suite E


CD/DVD: The rate depends how long the machines are used, number of CD/DVDs provided, and number of scans. Machine Usage: $45.00/hr; $11.25/15 minutes (the minimum time required is 15 minutes)

CD/DVDs: $15.00 per copy if SLO Print and Copy provide the CD/DVD

Scans: 10 cents per scan

No labeling service.

It is the primary responsibility of the department or organization requesting copies to ensure that the content submitted for duplication does not infringe on the rights of any content creators or copyright holders. Cal Poly's (RUP) Responsible Use Policy, found here, outlines the policy on protected intellectual property. The Kennedy Library also provides an organized and friendly introduction to Copyright and Intellectual Property, including Fair-Use Laws for Academic Purposes and guidance in Obtaining Copyright Permissions. Please review these pages and take the actions necessary to bring your content into compliance if you believe the content being duplicated may possibly contain any protected intellectual property.


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