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Datacenter Design

ITS Operations has established a co-location facility designed specifically for department servers. This facility enables departments to co-locate critical servers that require high availablity in ITS' Datacenter . This environment includes:

  • Uninterruptible and conditioned power.
  • A redundantly cooled operating environment.
  • Emergency power generator for extended power-outages.
  • A fire suppression system.
  • Gigabit network connectivity.
  • KVM remote access provisioning.
  • Scalable rack space availability as need increases.
  • Physically secured access.

The Benefits of Colocation

Colocating your equipment and placing department servers in this environment enhances reliability and access to the services provided by your servers. Colocating a department server within the ITS Data Center will help:

  • Recover departmental space.
  • Protect against power interruptions.
  • Keep equipment cooled to specifications (especially during summer and fall months).
  • Ensure secure access while still having physical and remote access to the devices .

Colocation Requirements

  • The ITS Datacenter provides hosting services only for departments within Cal Poly.
  • Servers must be rack mountable to fit this provisioning model.


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